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Failed Christmas Card Photos

Charlie's first Christmas. A must-have photo, right? We spent the long Thanksgiving weekend in pursuit of the perfect picture. You will see a similar trend, beginning with this cheery family photo....

Thanksgiving Day

We started the day with the Parkville Turkey Trot, as is tradition in our family. Last year (see photo below) Charlie ran the race with Paige when she was 30 weeks preggo. This year Charlie just watched, despite this picture of him with the overall winner's trophy. Charlie and Dad relaxed in the afternoon, watched some football, drank some beer.
Charlie loved everything at the Thanksgiving table. He ate til we thought he was going to pop!
Charlie and Annie are just about the same size. He pats Annie very gently and loves to follow her around.
There were some shananigans later in the evening that involved a bird flying into the house. Ryan and Julie came to our rescue.
Although their strategy was unique (??) they did get the bird outside safely.

Into Everything

Charlie is into everything these days. So many things around the house catch his interest. The dog bowl is by far his favorite... The dryer is fascinating
He follows the vacuum around the house
always the dog bowl
lots he can get into outside
like eating rocks
But the kitchen seems to interest him the most
Maybe he will like to cook like his Dad someday

Charlie's Space

I'm not sure why I haven't included pictures of Charlie's room here yet, except that his room has been a work in progress. At this point, it feels like it is done, at least until he is a bit older and needs different things. We tried to create a unique space that is calm enough for sleeping and yet a fun place to play. Each element of the room has a story. We started with the crib, our one big splurge and my favorite piece in the room, and went from there.
The elephant mobile is from Flensted and the name print was an early Etsy find. We had to hide it until Charlie was born since his name was a secret. The bookcase is something we knew we wanted from the beginning. We searched far and wide to find one that would fit the space. We found this one marked way down and in a dark rust color and had it painted white. The dresser was purchased unfinished and Ryan stained and painted it to match the crib. The car decals keep Charlie entertained during changes and the flokati rug w…

Charlie meets Great-Grandma Ruth

Ryan's Grandmother Ruth was in town a few weeks ago and she and Charlie met for the first time. We hope she comes back to visit soon!

Charlie's First Halloween

Charlie ran in the Sports Bras to Sports Bars Halloween 5k run. Family Portrait
He fell asleep in the jogger during the run, happy as a duck!
Entertaining Charlie befor the Manies clan arrives to trick-or-treat
Still waiting...Roxie was also very excited to greet the trick-or-treaters...Cousin Haley was a super cute duck complete with a cape!
Papa Manies and Charlie taking a break from handing out candy
Two baby ducks...
And one really cute puppy.
"I like your costume"
" Did you bring any candy??"

The sun came out!

Finally, a warm sunny day after so much cold and rain. Charlie had fun at the park...He proudly climbed the stairs to the top of this jungle gym all by himself!

Charlie kept crawling towards me as I tried to take this picture...he thought it was funny.

A Boy's Best Friend


Bath time!


Charlie at the Park

Swinging with Dad Hey kid - cover up that belly!
Time to go already??