Career-life (im)balance

A collection of my musings on career-life (imbalance). There is no balance, just a daily juggle.

A Work in Progress
Escape the Overwhelm?
Of Dogs and Marathons
A hectic week in the life of a dual-career family
Lean In Turns One: An Update
No Wall Street Mother
Giving thanks and being present
The weekend mommy
Snuggles trump goals
Ahead of her time
Battery recharge
On finding balance
My day job
How I found two extra hours in my day...
Leaning in or falling down
Why I'm willing to listen to what Sheryl Sandberg has to say
Dear Marissa Mayer, I'm glad I'm not a Yahoo!
Just wait, Melissa Mayer. And believe the hype.
10 reasons I am thankful to be a working mom.
Catching my breath
There's no place like home
Lab 2.0
Football Friday
Working mom: is it working?
Girl power
I'm a twitter fan
Dear Anne-Marie Slaughter: I do have it all (sometimes)
Checking in from the West coast
When my best isn't good enough
Happy Friday the 13th
Time to dye the eggs
A sick baby trumps everything
Charlie at school (no guilt!)
Going it alone
A long day


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