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Happy Birthday Charlie!

How can you be one already? The year went by so very fast. You are learning things at a furious pace. I watch as you climb the stairs all by youself with lightning speed, as you figure out how to stack the rings back in place, and try to use your spoon on your own. You tell us when you want more of something by putting your hands together in sign, and sometimes by just grunting loudly. You sleep like a champ, your laugh is infectious, and you give the best slobbery kisses a Mom could want. Just please don't climb up and away too fast...I want to remember every moment.

It is a great big world out there and I know you are anxious to explore. I'm just glad you will need me to help you do that for a few more years. Happy Birthday Baby!

No Dogs Allowed

Roxie is always a bit jealous when Charlie gets a bath. She loves the water and we're pretty sure if we weren't watching, she'd jump right in with him.

Dog Whisperer

Charlie has a special voice just for Roxie. When he talks to Roxie his voice gets higher and softer and he babbles on and on. I think she knows just what he's saying.

Charlie and Dad

Charlie loves books! The one time Charlie will sit still, patient, and quiet is with his books. He has a few favorites and we're working on expanding the list. "Eight Little Monkeys" was the early and remaining favorite.

Almost One!

Charlie's birthday is next week. I'm afraid he is starting to look like a one year-old. Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

We celebrated Todd's birthday Sunday and Charlie had a great time seeing his cousins. Mitch, Macy and Charlie had a group hug.
Everyone say "Cheese!"

Wagon Rides

Charlie loves his new red wagon. He wants to ride in it first thing in the morning... with or without his clothes on.
Check out that belly! Shameless.
He likes to walk behind and push the wagon almost as much as he likes to ride in it (again, clothing optional)
Charlie recently had a friend over and he invited her to ride in his wagon. Fortunately for Anna Nazar (how cute is she?!), Charlie was dressed that day.

Charlie's current favorite activity

End of the Exersaucer??

Charlie climbed into the exersaucer on his own this weekend. He eventually made it all the way in, but he sat happily like this for quite awhile. I'm pretty sure he could have gotten himself back out if we had let him. The exersaucer days may be numbered. Then where do we put him??

Snow days!

It was dark on the drive home on Christmas Eve and Charlie didn't see the snow fall. So Christmas morning was the first time he looked outside and saw the world covered in white.
"Heh! Heh!!" Translation: "What is all that white stuff Mom?" Ryan headed out to clear us a path on Christmas morning.
Roxie hearts the snow!
But she's always ready to come back inside.
Charlie wasn't sure what to think of the snow
It was really, really cold so we didn't stay out long. Maybe next year he'll be ready for his sled.

Christmas - finally!

The Holidays (and crazy amounts of snow) got away from me. Still catching up on work, life, pictures, and the blog. Our camera died in December and we got a new one on Christmas Eve. By the time it was charged and up and running, this was the only Christmas Eve pic we have - our relaxing evening by the fire after a harrowing drive in the snow from Tonganoxie to KC and putting Charlie to bed. Christmas morning with Charlie was special. Although he didn't really know what was going on and liked the wrapping paper and boxes about as much as his new presents. Roxie sat nearby hoping there might be a bone in one of Charlie's presents.
Charlie got a hammer for Christmas- soon he'll be helping Dad around the house.
Despite how active and busy Charlie is, our Christmas tree made it intact through the holiday. He had some favorite ornaments down low that he liked to pull off but no major accidents or topplings made the tree a success.
After opening presents at home (and Ryan shovel…