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Week 3

Charlie isn't crazy about diaper changes and bath time. He does like going for a walk (in his still too big winter gear) and hanging out with Dad...

Charlie at Home

Charlie's second week of life has been much less eventful and we couldn't be happier. He enjoyed meeting his cousins and Roxie is fast becoming his biggest protector.

Meeting Charlie

Because of Charlie's extended stay in the NICU, family and friends had to wait to meet him. Charlie's grandparents in particular were close to storming the NICU and breaking him out if he wasn't released soon. It was a sunny and warm 66 degrees on the day we finally took Charlie home from the hospital.

Charlie's Arrival

Charles Michael Manies joined our lives on Feb 1, 2009. His arrival into this world was anything but boring and predictable. It began with a 20+ hour labor and included 6 days in the neonatal ICU. Obviously not what we had hoped and planned. But we now know Charlie is a fighter and a tough little guy, and we feel lucky and blessed to have him.
The main problem was that Charlie was facing the wrong way for a smooth delivery. Three epidurals (don't even ask!) and hours of intense pushing later, Charlie still hadn't budged. At that point our ob/gyn decided to use vacuum suction to help Charlie along. Once again, Charlie didn't come easily and three separate tries with the suction were needed to help move him along. By this point, our intimate delivery experience included a room full of doctors, nurses, neonatologists and probably a few passers by from the hallway. Charlie suddenly and finally appeared 21 hours after labor began only to be whisked away to the NICU. Turns out …

The Lion King!

Charles Michael Manies was born on February 01, 2009.

7 lbs 5 oz.
21 inches long