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Charlie at the Zoo

Blog post coming soon...Charlie goes to the Zoo with Dad!

Ryan's Dream

Charlie is one step closer to taking over the lawn duties...Ryan is counting the days (years)! Charlie loves his mower - thanks Aunt Kara and Uncle Karl!

This picture is surprising in several ways. For one, Charlie is actually looking at the camera. And two, he is waving. He waves at everyone these days. He waves good night to me from his crib when I put him to bed. I caught him the other day standing in our backyard waving at the boys playing across the street from our house. I don't think they even saw Charlie, let alone notice his wave. Wave on, Charlie, wave on.

Charlie's Baptism

Charlie was baptized at Village Presbyterian Church on Mother's Day, May 9 2010. He was a little under the weather so we weren't sure how it would go.

I think I was silently praying just before handing Charlie over to Rev. Are. Please don't lose it Charlie.
And of course, he didn't. Charlie was calm and reserved, fitting the occasion. Way to go buddy!

After the ceremony, Charlie went to the church child care. He was clearly worn out from the ordeal.
All the family came back to our house after church and we had some fun in the backyard.

Charlie kept up with his Geiger cousins.
Another milestone complete!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all moms that do this challenging and rewarding job so well. Every day with Charlie is a happy one for me.

The best kiss a mother could ask for!

Gram's Birthday

We celebrated Gram's birthday last Friday with a family dinner. Charlie got to hang out with his Geiger cousins. Chaos reigned after four squirmy kids got tired of sitting patiently in a busy restaurant.

Nothing Gram couldn't handle by herself...

The fun really began when the party spilled outside and Charlie stumbled upon the escalator. He discovered escalators on our trip to California and I'm pretty sure he could ride up and down all day without getting tired or bored.
Watch your step Charlie!
Even more fun, the fountain! Kids love this fountain at the Legends that shoots water on and off at random. Charlie couldn't wait to get down and check it out.

Testing the waters...
The water was pretty cold, but Charlie didn't seem to mind.

So much fun!
Cousin Mark was also enjoying the the new glasses Mark!
Boys being boys (the irony, Macy had to leave early for t-ball practice).

I have loved being an aunt to my brother's kids for the last 7+ years. …