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A snowy end to 2012

This is the view from our loft today, lots of snow to go around and finish off 2012. This year has not been short on adventure for us - we sold a house, bought a house, and moved into a loft downtown while we renovate. Charlie turned 3, Izzy turned 1, and Ryan and I had an amazing 10 day trip to Spain. Life is good. I'm getting so excited for 2013 - our new home is calling!

Nothing like a beautiful winter wedding to finish off the year. Julie put together an elegant, personal and glam wedding that I was so honored to be a part of. They are ending the year as newlyweds and our family is loaded up with sweet memories and images of a most perfect winter night.

I got teary seeing all the cousins lined up ready to walk down the aisle. With Julie being the last sibling to get married, we won't have another family wedding like this. They were all so incredibly cute and each one did their job like they strut in front of 300 people every day! Julie and Dwayne had an amazing photograp…

Before & during...

With the holidays, we aren't having an official walk through of the house this week.So instead, I've posted some side by side comparisons from before construction and after 2 full weeks of demo and framing.

A super holiday

It was super hero madness at our house this Christmas. And Santa did not disappoint.
Captain America/Spiderman was one of the costumes in rotation on Christmas Day. Izzy got some new items for her play kitchen, including this chef's hat and apron. That is a lot of pink on one little person!

We made the best of Christmas morning in our loft, although it really didn't feel all that Christmasy to me. We had a few handmade ornaments (and stockings!) on our tree, but it felt temporary, which of course it is. If you notice in this picture, Charlie is wearning his Spiderman coat and his Batman backpack. He had to be talked into taking both items off before bed on Christmas Eve.

Aunt Kara came through for our super heroes. Not only did Charlie get a Spiderman mask and web thingy for his hand, both kids received handmade capes with their initals on back. The perfect gift! (And thanks to Gram for the cute Christmas t-shirts). We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas - family,…



Remodel tour - week 2

Week 2 of our house remodel, after almost a year of dreaming and planning. I can hardly contain my excitement and want to camp out at the house all day and just watch the progress.

Who needs windows? We showed up for our weekly walk-through to find every window in our house gone. It was quite the sight.

End of the year reading list

I haven't read all of these articles, but when I have a few minutes of down time here and there before the end of the year, I am going to tackle as many as I can.

Best Articles 2012: The 25 pieces that should be required reading for women.

Anne-Marie Slaughter's piece and the one about moms staying in the picture both made a big impact on me this year. I enjoyed the piece on Hillary Clinton and look forward to some more good reads. As much as I love to read books, I know better than to think that's going to happen during the holidays!

Would love to know which ones you've read and which ones have made an impact on you...

Weekend Update

We did it! We saw Santa! Izzy would have nothing to do with the man in the red suit, of course. But 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

We saw Santa at Union Station as part of the Holiday Express train exhibit. The train was only there for 3 days and the lines were long! We got there early Saturday morning and made it through in good time, but by the time we finished, the line ran out the door of Union Station.

The inside of the Holiday Express train was decked out like Santa's workshop. Trains all around, because you just can't have too many trains.

On Sunday we had a brunch at our loft for my lab and their families. Check out this group - I'm so proud!

And they gave me a great Christmas gift - a KU t-shirt signed by all of them. I love it.

This past weekend was a tough one for many families and I can't imagine the loss of the families in Connecticut. I haven't listened much to the news or the stories. I know burying my head in the sand is not going to make it go away,…

Remodel tour - week 1

It has taken a long time to get to this point, but here we are. Our home remodel is in progress, finally. After timing the sale of our old house and the purchase of this new one, moving into our loft downtown, designing with the architects, dealing with one bank and then another, redesigning and budget engineering the plans, here we are. The demo has been going on for about a week and, it turns out, things come down pretty fast.

Lacing up the skates

Charlie has been talking about going 'skiing' since he saw the ice rink open at Crown Center several weeks ago. We promised we would go this past weekend with all of his cousins and he asked me if it was our 'skiing' day every day for a week.

Of course, with all the warm weather we've been having, our luck turned at just the wrong time and it was really cold and windy Sunday for ice skating. We didn't dress warm enough (and we made the mistake of walking over from our loft with the kids in the stroller. They were nice and cold before we even arrived at the ice rink). On top of that, the kids don't have gloves. Epic Mom fail.

Somebody was cold and grumpy. Next year, she can lace up a pair of skates, too.

Charlie wanted to skate on his own, like his cousins.

But after three trips around the ice, he was ready to pack it in. Then we attempted a family Christmas photo in the freezing cold, which I hope was not a total fail. The weather has been so mild that we…

Demo, oh my

Look what can happen in just a few days...

Deep in the heart of Texas

Greetings from Austin -  the land of live music, excellent Mexican food, and every tequila known to man. I'm here for a professional development conference (all women, I'm in estrogen overload right now) and Ryan came along for some R&R. It was a nice, albeit brief, respite from our busy and stressful days this fall worrying about our house renovation. The conference is in a convention center right on the University of Texas campus and we've had a great time walking the campus and the city. Things in Texas really are bigger (the football stadium is massive!) and a bit flashier (you should see the city Christmas tree set to music and a dizzying light show. There was also a strange holiday parade of centipedes and various insects all lit up and on wheels that I would like to know the story behind). Sometimes a couple days in a mid-size city that is walkable - we got in over 20,000 steps yesterday -and free from the hustle bustle is just the right getaway. Thanks Austin.