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Design details

Another design meeting with our architect(s) to cap off the week. It is getting very exciting. Our team is growing and we are now working with two architects, the owner and a staff architect. We got to see actual pictures of the interior today and it was the first time I could really visualize the interior and what it will feel like to stand in the kitchen, dining space, master bedroom.

The Hufft signature "H". Everything these guys do is infused with design, detail, thought, energy. I am amazed at what they create each week. Even more amazed to imagine that I will be living in that space someday.

I get it now. I get what it means to have an architect-designed house. Every detail and aesthetic is considered, every design element is beautiful and serves a purpose. I never truly understood that before. I could appreciate good design when I saw it (or when it was pointed out to me by my architect husband) but I didn't truly understand what that meant for a living space. …

App shopping

Appliance shopping, that is. Wow, talk about overwhelming. Ryan did his best to explain our kitchen layout and what we were looking for to the salesman . He never got it and he drove us absolutely crazy. We will be trying a different showroom this weekend.

We spent several hours in the showroom looking at ovens, ranges, hoods, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Having owned one house where we didn't do much to the kitchen, and rentals before that, this was an all new experience for both Ryan and I. While overwhelming, it was also really fun. Imagine - an oven that doesn't burn one of my cookie sheets, a dishwasher that actually cleans things on the top rack, and a clean, untouched frig just waiting to be neatly organized (I do like a clean frig, simple joys!). I can't wait.

Red nobs? We're thinking about it - but they come with a hefty price tag. Plus, then you are committed to red for like, ever and ever. Not sure we want to pledge our undying love to the color red in …

The biggest show and getting glam

We went to the circus last weekend! Gram's circus, as Charlie called it. The circus came to town to raise money for Backpack Buddies (Mom is the Director of the Leavenworth program) and of course we had to go. It was totally old school, with a big tent going up in an empty lot and a midway full of games, snake viewings and tall men on stilts.

There were lions and tigers and we were very close to the cage. I was hoping it was really well put together.

There were several families with kids in the show - a traveling circus family. Can you imagine? I was impressed by the unicycle display. Little known fact: I can ride a unicycle! I had one as a kid. I think I secretly wanted to join the circus. I had as much fun as Charlie at the show. Everyone gets to be a kid at the circus, no matter how old you are.

Meanwhile, our own two-ring circus...

We learned the hard way with Charlie that it really does pay to go to one of these kid-themed hair salons. They are tricked out with dvd players…

Downtown days, new rituals

When we get home after school/work each night, the first thing we have to do in our new place is take Roxie outside. Ryan usually isn't home yet, so the kids have to go with me. We make quite a sight (and sound) heading outside, with or without a balloon.

Izzy knows where the doggy bags are and she picks one up as we head out the door and down the stairs. It's amazing how fast they take to new routines.

 Izzy and Roxie know just where to go. Izzy has her drink with her in case this takes awhile.

She also knows what to do with the bag. As tempting as it is to let someone do this for me, I don't let the kids help.

Charlie is carrying a sippy cup with milk, a doggy bag, and a balloon. They know to walk carefully and watch their steps in the gravel lot. I'm so proud of my city kids. How will they ever adjust to the burbs now?

I cut Roxie out of the picture so as not to embarrass her, but Izzy is pointing for a reason...

Could this empty lot look any worse? It looks like …

Design, take two

We're meeting with our architect once a week to keep the pace moving forward on our remodel and I find myself really looking forward to the meetings. As much as we think about the space between meetings, our architect will still come up with new twists and ideas we never would have dreamed of. I guess that's why we pay him the big bucks!

This week, the conference area was filled with our design ideas, wall to wall. We've been putting pictures on a design website called and compiling all our ideas in one place. The architect has a link to our site and can look over all the pictures. He printed quite a few of them out and had them pinned to the walls with notes scrawled here and there: "Outdoor fireplace?" "Need a fence?" "Lighting for stairs" "Tile for fireplace."

Clearly, my personal architect is enjoying the process. I was amazed at how many more details were incorporated this week from our first meeting. It is a lot of …

Weekend update from my iphone

These first pictures are actually from two weekends ago, at the balloon fest. Charlie loved the balloon that looked an awful lot like Nemo, though wasn't officially called Nemo due to some copyright issues.
She didn't get in a brawl, but clearly there was some negligent parenting going on here. With all the moves, multiple homes and chaos of the last month, we consider ourselves lucky that things didn't get worse than this. Happy to report that her her sweet, flawless face is back, good as new!

We attended a pre-season KU pep rally on Friday night. There was a huge turn out and Charlie really enjoyed his glimpse of the Jayhawks. Next year we can bike over to the rally from our new house.

Wearing crimson and blue and with a sunflower in her hair. Kids need to be told good from bad. Otherwise their Missouri grad daycare instructors might steer them wrong. Can't have that.

Watching the band and the Jayhawks. Why so serious C?

We went to our first T-Bones game Saturday n…

Girl power

Whew. It's been a whirlwind week and I'm glad it's over. I am part of a women's group at work that Ryan likes to teasingly call my "Girl Power" group (here we are). I don't mind the title, it makes me laugh. We are all about girl power, actually. It is a networking group for women at my institution and it covers everything from the occasional yoga class and coffee meet and greet, to holding annual conferences, funding scholarships and promoting each other for new awards and career opportunities. We're serious and we're fun.

I've been a part of the group for the last 2 1/2 years and it has made a huge difference in how I see my job, how I feel I fit in there, and has been the first opportunity for me to make real friendships at work. I am so grateful for the organization and the women in it. We had our annual dinner last night and a half-day working retreat today. I feel energized and excited, full of new ideas and encouragement. The chancello…