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Craving chocolate cookies

My sister in law sent me this recipe a while ago and it has been sitting in my digital recipe box (Evernote, if you haven't tried it, you should). I've been eating really healthy, exercising daily (!) and haven't baked in a long time. My cookie sheets were calling me. Except I was out of butter and brown sugar, so my go to cookie recipe wasn't going to cut it.

I searched through my recipes to find something that did not include butter or brown sugar and these lovely Chocolate Puddle cookies popped up. Turns out I was still short 2 egg whites for this recipe, but by this point I was going to make these cookies or bust. A quick Google search gave me some valuable information about egg white substitutes, and after a huge mess involving flax seed and our coffee grinder, I was ready to bake! The puddle cookies tasted great, but I think the consistency was a bit off due to my emergency egg white swap. If you stick with the plan below, you should be golden. 6 simple ingredie…

Siblings #tbt

Charlie and Izzy have been at each other lately. Constantly battling over who has the blue cup or the most peanut butter on their bread. They fuss over which bedtime story gets read first and who sits next to me at breakfast. I'm first, it's mine, mine, give it to me, my turn, he touched my ear, that's my sock, don't sing with me, she went first last time...

It is driving me insane. I don't know how long this phase will last, so to cheer myself up I'm reflecting on better days and hoping for their speedy return.

Friday, July 27, 2012
Peas in a pod I was having technical difficulties with the blog this week, and haven't been able to post. It really bummed me out as I've come to depend on this space to reflect on, take stock of, and appreciate my days. Not checking in here makes me feel a little behind on what's happening in my own life. And there is a lot happening.
I think I recently, and foolishly, complained about having to keep our house spotless…

Izzy & Mommy: in Izzy 's own words

Iz brought this home from school today. 

This last one is my favorite. Now I know she listens.

What a difference a year can make. #tbt

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Modern on Meadow Remodel Tour - Week 14 It may have been snowing outside when we made our house tour yesterday, but it was warm inside - finally! The insulation is going up and the house currently looks like a snow cave.

What a mess! They were just finishing up on the first floor when we toured the house and were beginning clean up. I think we saw the mess at its worst.

This is spray insulation and I'd never seen it put in before. It looks like someone took shaving cream to every inch of the place.

Helen's Fairy Party

It all started with the cake...Izzy requested a Tinkerbell cake. I couldn't find just the right Tinkerbell to sit on the cake, so I decided garden fairies would be the next best thing. Garden fairies, flowers, Spring colors. It all seemed so happy and cheerful to my Winter-weary brain, that I think I got more excited about this party theme than the birthday girl.

All our young guests were given fairy wands and wings when they came through the door (I decorated the plain $1 wands I found at Michael/s with some flowers and butterflies, and the wings were a dollar each at Target - steal!)

As I've written about before, my preference for craft projects are those made of paper that come in a handy kit. These pom-poms fit the bill.

I think they will find a permanent home in Izzy's bedroom..

More paper crafts recycled from her first birthday party - they survived two moves so I had to use them.

I hadn't looked at this photo banner since I made it for her first birthday. I thi…