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Sports and Swings

I stumbled across these images the other day and thought at first about how much these two amazing little people have changed. But then I realized how much they have stayed the same. Charlie has always been happiest on a court or a ball field with a bat or ball in his hands. Charlie's favorite parks were the ones with a tennis or basketball court nearby. I usually kept a bat and ball in the trunk of my car and on a nice day we would stop at a park on the way home from work.

And from day one, Izzy has been content to go with the flow and follow along - she only needed her fingers and some space to explore.

And as brothers do, they take their sisters things just because they can.

Barely walking, not talking, and she could tell her brother what she wanted. My hat please!

Not that he would listen...

That look! I have seen this exact look a million times on my now almost 5-year-old girl.

Another day, another empty court...

Even if I forgot a bat and ball, Charlie would find a way to p…