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A sick baby trumps everything

There is nothing worse than a sick baby. The tired eyes, runny nose, and flushed cheeks resting quietly on my shoulder are a far cry from the happy, content Izzy we know and love. And when you have a sick baby, all bets are off. Schedules, routines, work and sleep are all thrown out of whack. There is no center, no North to my day.  We went to the doctor and she was given antibiotics for her ear and her sinuses, and then it was just a waiting game until she felt better and her fever went away. All I could do was hold her. And hold her I did - in the morning, at night, all through the day - in the shower, while I ate, while I attempted to fold laundry, while I read a little for work, while she was awake, while she slept. Izzy is a cuddly baby and she likes to be held a lot on a good day. When she is sick, it is like she becomes another limb, glued to my body, following and hindering my every move. We become inseperable, a singular unit caught in a haze of discomfort and tiredness.

Home sweet home

Back home to a dreary, rainy, gray day. Dreaming of the beach and wishing we were still there.

Both Charlie and Izzy were excellent travelers and did great on the plane on the way home. Our sleep schedules are all on California time so it was hard for everyone to wake up this morning. Lots to get caught up on here at home and many things to look forward to in the near future  - Izzy's birthday! Selling our house! Planning for Spain! It's going to be busy...

Bathing beauties


A quaint lunch spot

Lunch in Southern California, there is nothing like it. We walked to this lovely gem from our beach house and lingered after lunch to take in the view from the grassy spot just below the restaurant. This was on the Scripps campus, maybe they are hiring....?

California here we come!

We set out for San Diego today. Charlie was beyond great on the plane and in his excitement, finally crashed during our descent. Iz was a bit restless during the flight and her ears must have been popping. She kept tugging on them and drank 4 bottles! She never slept but she didn't fuss either. Success! Let the good times roll...

Lemons make me think of Spring

It's February, post-holiday, winter has set in for months and I'm ready to think about Spring. I haven't posted a recipe in awhile as I think I get burned out during the holidays with all the preparing, cooking, baking, and eating! So what better way to conjure up thoughts of Spring than with the tart and fresh taste of lemons.

Creative Design, a big small space

This is just cool. And it has me thinking as we contemplate our move about how much space we need, how we want to use that's easy to think you need a lot of space to live well.

Swing into February

February first. Crazy weather. We went to the park after school and Charlie didn't even need a jacket.

Happy Birthday Charlie!