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Memorial Day Celebration at the Station 3

Celebration at the Station was a huge success this year - a great time was had by all. Charlie and Izzy were both so amazingly good during this long event, we couldn't believe our luck. This was Charlie's third year (first time and second time here and here and the first time he really paid attention to the fireworks. He was fascinated and not scared at all. We'll definitely be back!

The pictures don't need much explanation - except maybe the last few. Let's just say I won't forget an extra change of clothes for Charlie again!

The Big Easy with Izzy

Izzy and I went along on Ryan's work trip to New Orleans. We took Charlie to Seattle when he was close to the same age. It is an easy travel age with minimal gear requirements and they can sleep about anywhere and anytime.

Izzy liked our bed better than the hotel crib.

We found several good places to eat including Lola's where the specialty was paella. Yum.

Getting artistic with the sangria.

The waitresses at Lola's wanted to take Izzy home. But we didn't let them.

Of course we had to have oysters in the French Quarter. We only let Izzy have a few.

Ryan's first beignet!

The powdered sugar gets everywhere...

Izzy and I hung out along the Riverwalk one afternoon while Ryan was at his conference. The weather was beautiful the whole weekend. The river was really high.

Two ladies in the park...

Izzy really got into the spirit of the Big Easy.

Dining alfresco. Izzy usually fell asleep in her car seat while we ate. Such a good baby!

We ate at the popular Butcher and Izzy…

School Fun

Glad he gets to make a mess at school and not at home...

Graduation Weekend

I am going to Lawrence today to take part in a hooding ceremony for my second graduate student. She earned her Ph.D. My first student finished up when Charlie was just born and now my second student is timed with Izzy. From now on, my students should surpass my kids in number.

Mother's Day 5K

We did the Mother's Day 5k this year. My Mom, sister, sister-in-law and niece. It was a beautiful morning and a fun way to celebrate the day. My first race since having Izzy, it felt pretty bad, but also good to be back out there.

The moment we've been waiting for...

Izzy's first smile!

I love this picture, it makes me smile.