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So much change in so little time

Baby Izzy at 1 week

and 3 months. She doesn't look like the same baby! Scrawny chicken legs are now super chubby baby thighs that I love, love to squeeze. Amazing.

The incredible shrinking Elmo

Just an update on the balloon Elmo Charlie got in Boulder. It made the trip home and has been hanging out in the back seat of Ryan's car. It still has never popped, but shrunk to mini-Elmo, as demonstrated next to this tomato.

That is some balloon animal.

Charlie's first movie!

We went to see Winnie the Pooh on Sunday, a reward for Charlie's improved behavior at school drop offs. He loved the popcorn, his too big chair and all in all it was a success.

Photostream with Charlie and Izzy

I was trying to take a few simple pictures of Izzy one afternoon and Charlie decided to get in on the action. These pictures are unedited, in the order taken over a couple minutes. It gives you a clear picture of the love and attention Izzy gets from her brother.

4th of July Weekend

Cooling off in the sprinkler.

Charlie's tattoo features prominently in the weekend's pictures.

Lime popsicle with fresh blueberries - yum!

Roxie waiting patiently for a drip from the popsicle.

Most of the weekend was warm and hot, but it rained most of Sunday afternoon. It was one of those days when I had to rack my brain for one more indoor activity to occupy Charlie. Reading books under the dining room table worked for about 5 minutes.

There was a kids' parade in our neighborhood on the 4th. The fire department came and opened up a water hydrant for the kids to run through in the street, which is why Charlie yet again has his shirt off (showing off his tattoo!). Seeing the fire truck was lots of fun.

It wouldn't be 4th of July weekend without some swimming. Izzy looked super cute in her new swimsuit. She is a water baby already!

Happy Birthday Roxie!

Roxie was 9 years young on July 4th. Hard to believe. Her family keeps multiplying around her and she takes it all in stride. Still the most patient and gentle dog ever and a puppy at heart no matter her age.

Roxie had a pancake birthday cake and Charlie sang to her

and helped her blow out the candle.

Roxie thoroughly enjoyed her special birthday pancake!