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Concrete prints

We're putting in a new driveway this week. Charlie has been on the job every day, supervising and making sure all goes as planned. He signed off on the job by including his handprint and initials in the fresh concrete.

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad, I wanted you to have a really special day today. I hope you enjoyed the breakfast that Mom and I made for you. And I'm glad you got to watch a little golf instead of going to the grocery store with us. Sorry you still had to mow the lawn, Mom said I was too little to help with that. And thanks for taking me swimming today - I had such a blast! I wasn't even scared being in the pool for the first time and I want to go back real soon. You're the best Dad ever. Love, Charlie

P.S. I hope you like the hankerchief I made for you at school. I didn't think it was a very good idea for a gift since I've never seen you use one, but my teachers didn't seem to want my opinion. I liked putting my feet in that green sparkly stuff and stomping all around, so that was cool.

Paige's Birthday

We celebrated Paige's birthday with family and a yummy chocolate cake. On her actual birthday, we went to the Farmer's market, had breakfast and a dinner party with friends on a beautiful summer evening. A perfect start to a new (birthday) year!

Memorial Day Celebration at the Station

Charlie's first Memorial Day was full of family, friends and fireworks! We had a great time at the Celebration at the Station where Charlie hung out, took a short nap, and watched the fireworks with awe...a perfect evening.

Happy Charlie