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Chef Charlie

Charlie likes to help out in the kitchen and he enjoys the play kitchen in his class room at school. So we thought we'd get him a play kitchen he (and his little sister) can use now and hopefully for many years to come. So far its been a big hit!

Ryan is hiding behind the kitchen playing words with friends on his iphone. Ok, he earned it. He put this monster of small pieces together the day before.
Charlie first tried to put his pots in the laundry machine. After I explained it was like the laundry machine Mom used downstairs for dirty clothes, he promptly left the room and returned with some of Ryan's socks - from the dirty clothes bin no less - and placed them in the laundry.

Charlie's kitchen was a Christmas gift from Gram and Grandaddy Geiger and came stocked with an awesome set of wooden pots and pans and various food items. Its fun to watch Charlie learn what all the different food items are. For the moment cooking eggs is the most fun and he now knows what a hot dog …

Blank Slate

After an unexpected repair to the ceiling in the guest bedroom, it is now empty and ready to become Charlie's new space.

For now he likes to run around in the wide open space and hear his voice echo off the empty walls.

Change is coming Charlie....ready or not!

Snow Days

Charlie wasn't old enough last winter to really experience and enjoy the snow. This year he has been very interested in exploring the white stuff...

The first time he fell down in the cold snow was a bit of a surprise.

Charlie's car might have better traction than the Mini in the snow...

After watching Ryan shovel one morning, "Daddy dig snow" was repeated a million times around the house that day. The answer to the question "Mommy dig snow?" is no.

Of course Charlie had to get his own shovel to 'dig snow' like Daddy.

Not as much fun as it looks, eh Charlie?

Someone else in our house that loves the snow...

Ryan believes in starting Charlie early on the household chores. Next year Charlie should be able to handle shoveling duty himself.

Time for hot chocolate and milk by the fire...

Dispatching trucks

Charlie got to spend the day with Gram and they went on a field trip to the Ready-Mix. Uncle Todd was at a job site at the time and away from his desk so Charlie decided to take the reigns. Who knows where the concrete was delivered this morning!

Activities best done at school

Charlie gets to do some amazingly creative (and messy) things at school. They are so much braver than I am. This was the first time each kid was given their own paint cup and brush to explore.

Still looking pretty neat here...

Looks like fun!