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Old friends are the best

Old friends, as in the kind you've known for most of your life. There is nothing better. Ah, the stories we could (and do!) tell. I have two close friends that live far away and even though I don't see them but once or twice a year (if I'm lucky), its as if we talked only yesterday. These two friends have wonderful spouses that I consider close friends as well, and I think that aspect has only made our friendships better over the years. Bringing kids into the picture certainly adds a new dimension to things. Conversations are a bit more stop and go and often interrupted by busy and noisy little ones. But getting to know the children of your closest friends lets you see them in a new way.

Double M and I go way back.
Charlie got to hang with the Mits last summer in Toledo. He can hold his own a bit more now and we caught up with Double M and E recently in LV.

Ah, I know where she gets that look! But those curls...?? No idea! Todd had everything under control, as usual. Unfor…

Random Charlie

Charlie keeps getting taller which means things once out of reach are no longer. He can now get the back screen door open. Oh boy.

The ladies at school love the muscle shirt, Charlie.

I love that Charlie likes to wear hats...

especially when his ears stick out! He was doing a one armed sign for "baby" in this picture as another little one came to play on the mall cars (this summer heat is killing our playground time).

This is what happens when you are not fast enough draining the bath and Charlie escapes...

We are getting ready to take a road trip this weekend for our annual family trip to the lake. Here's hoping we get at least a little of this on the drive tomorrow (please!!!)

Bicycle for two

We have a bicycle for two! No, not for Ryan and me (that would never work!) For Charlie and me. It's been in the works for awhile - actually, the bike seat was a Father's Day present from Charlie to Ryan which very mysteriously disappeared. Not all of it, just some of the major parts. No one knows what happened to the mysterious pieces and no one is taking the blame. So after several weeks of looking for said missing bike seat pieces, we did the only thing we could do, buy an entire new bike seat with all the necessary parts. Charlie got one seat for the price of two. While in between bike seats #1 and #2, we got Charlie accustomed to his new bike helmet. (Sidebar: why does every kid item at Target have to have a cartoon/movie/tv theme? For the moment, Thomas the Train is lost on Charlie).

Charlie especially likes his helmet if Mom wears hers, too.

Shatto Stock

We really should have some stock in Shatto Milk. This is about one week's worth of milk bottles for our household. And no, Roxie does not drink milk. The culprit is the one and only Charlie, aka, milk fiend.

Finally...the zoo post!!

You can find pictures of Charlie's trip to the zoo here.

Another First...

I had been putting off the first haircut for awhile. I felt like getting Charlie his first haircut would push us forward from baby to little boy and I just didn't want to go there yet. Charlie has never had much hair and it wasn't much of an issue. When he was first born he had some really dark hair that was encouraging...

Then it started to disappear Until he was as round and bald as a cue ball!

When Charlie's hair started to grow back, he had an interesting new look - a baby mohawk.

It made him look pretty tough.

Then began the comb-over.

And the comb-over is what we had until the first hair cut last week. A comb-over and a longish curl in the back that was beginning to look like a mullet. I guess it was time.

Charlie was serious, as always, and maybe a bit nervous.

Sitting on my lap seemed to make everything ok. Plus getting naked in public is always a good time.

Charlie sat pretty still and never fussed.

Corby, Ryan's long-standing personal beautician, was a pro. She h…

Charlie's Makeover

Charlie finally had his first haircut this past weekend. Pics of the actual event to come, but here is the after...he looks so much older. Sniff, sniff.

Summer Faves: Spin and Glace

Spin Pizza is definitely a family favorite.

And now that Christopher Elbow's new ice cream place, Glace, is right next door, oh boy. We might have a problem.

Charlie sampled Ryan's, Paige's and Mark's ice clear favorite, he liked them all!

Guess that's what it takes to get a smile out of this kid.

Happy Birthday Roxie!

Happy 8th Birthday to the best dog I know. I can't believe you've been with me for 8 years. The last couple of years have brought quite a few changes.
And you've taken them all in stride.
Thanks for being such a good sport, Roxie.

You are a special member of this family and we love you!