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Rocky Mountain High

Our vacation home in Colorado had it all - lots of space, beautiful outdoors, baby supplies like a crib and high chair, tons of toys perfect for a two-year old (cars, action figures, tinker toys, viking hats!) and a giant bathtub for swimming.

We had such a great time over the 5 days. There were so many pictures, it took awhile to sort through. Gram, Izzy and I went to Denver for a conference and stayed with relatives, Ruth and Em. Ruth and Izzy became instant friends. Ruth is my grandmother Helen's niece and they were very dear friends. It was great for Izzy to meet relatives who loved her namesake, my grandmother, so very much.

Em, Ruth, Izzy, Gram and Kennedy, the dog. The rest of the family joined us for a long weekend high up in the mountains just outside Boulder.

Grandaddy, Gram and Izzy ready for some hiking. There was a trailhead about a quarter mile walk from our vacation house in Nederland, CO. If you don't know the story of the frozen dead guy, I can fill you in.



Charlie found a roly poly (sp?) at school today. He was clearly very proud of his new friend.

After a while they lost the roly poly, only to find it later in the classroom. Must have hitched a ride inside on Charlie's shirt. Ah, the joys of summer!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Charlie and Izzy's Dad. You've got this fatherhood thing down and you make it look easy! We love you more every day.

We decided to visit Dad at work today. It turned out to be an exciting day as someone had shot a bullet through Ryan's office window sometime over the weekend (?!). Maybe it is time for a move to the Plaza...
The last time Charlie visited Dad at work, he was about Izzy's age and couldn't stay awake...

Izzy stayed awake for her first visit to Dad's office.

Not only was Charlie awake this time, but he was ready to get to work and help Dad answer some phone calls.

We also visited Grandaddy at work, it was a busy morning! Happy Father's Day to my Dad - love you!

Colorado preview...

We had an awesome time on our Colorado vacation. I have many pics to post, but for now, a little guy on a big horse.