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Still Running

T-minus 11 days (give or take a couple days) and Paige is still putting the miles in. Paige ran the 5K Groundhog Run this morning.


We can't tell if Roxie is excited or depressed about the impending addition to the family. Regardless, she's guarding her toys when she sleeps at night.

Baby Showers

We've had several baby showers as of late. The first was in Leavenworth, hosted by Robin Frank just before Christmas. It was a bitterly cold Sunday, but the girls had a lovely dinner to celebrate the pending arrival of Baby M.
The second shower was hosted by Sharon Manies and Kara Schweigel at Aixois in Brookside. In addition to the delicious food, Paige was bestowed with many gifts to help her with her "nesting" process.
Finally, this past weekend we were treated to a "couples" shower by Keri Kish and Susan Mitmesser. You can see some of the photos from the shower above including a popcorn bar and candy bar (yum). Of course, no shower would be complete without having the KU game on in the background (we won).