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Visit to the Vet

Roxie gets allergies this time of the year and starts scratching like there's no tomorrow. The vet prescribes steroids and she's as good as new in a couple days. Roxie sometimes gets nervous going to the vet, I think because she expects a shot. I thought taking Charlie along might help. Charlie was nervous himself at first, perhaps not sure who might get the shot - him or Roxie. Once he figured out this visit was about Roxie, he became nervous for her. He whined and wimpered a bit while the vet was checking her out. Then he decided she needed a hug.

I think she felt much better, Charlie. Turns out the vet's office is ideal for a toddler - nothing on the floor, on the counters, or on the walls that he can get into. Just open space and lots of dogs and cats to check out. Charlie decided he was in charge of Roxie and started leading her around the office on the leash.
Once again Roxie, you are the best of sports.

Mini-scavenger hunt, of sorts

Charlie and I tried something new the other day. Rather than just walking his lawn mower or riding his bike up and down the sidewalk, I thought we could try exploring around us. We set out with a plastic sandwich bag to see what we could find and collect on our walk. Charlie wasn't too sure about this plan at first. Always the skeptic.

But soon he was finding acorns, rocks, walnut shells, sticks and leaves to add to our bag. It was a pretty good collection! And it kept his interest for longer than I thought it would.
Soon we were back to our usual modes of traveling the sidewalk but I think our mini-scavenger hunt was a success! We have a plastic bag of precious finds by the back door to prove it.

2 seconds of fame

Charlie (and my legs!) was on the news the other night. We were playing in a park while they were shooting some footage about local real estate sales.

Charlie on the Job

Charlie was on the job in Leavenworth with Grandaddy last weekend. He wasn't so sure what to think of this big truck at first...

Pretty soon he was turning the steering wheel and honking the horn, probably causing some concern for those working on the site! But Grandaddy had it under control.
This wasn't just any job site. This was the new athletic facilities complex at Leavenworth high school. We are very excited about this project as it is a really big addition to the high school and will be one of the best in the state by the time its finished. Saying my Dad is excited about this is an understatement.

This particular Saturday morning was a pretty good sized job...

and Charlie was right there in the middle of it all.
He is very into trucks these days, and although he can't say "truck" he makes this grunting/revving noise whenever he sees one. We have a book on trucks at home and every night as we sit down to read, Charlie starts grunting and making the revving no…

Beat'n the Heat!

This heat has put the damper on our summer fun. No trips to the park, no bike rides, no stroller runs, even the pool is too hot. We reached a boiling point today, stripped down and got out the sprinkler. These two had a blast and I'm not sure I've ever heard Charlie laugh so hard and for so long.

Summer Fun at the Lake

The view from the deck of our lake house could not have been better. Charlie spent lots of time out there watching the boats go by. "Boat" was his favorite word for the weekend.

We spent some time on a boat ourselves and Charlie was a trooper in his neck brace/straight jacket that poses as an infant life vest.

Charlie liked watching the MMMs in the innertube and watching other boats go by.

He also liked helping Grandaddy drive the boat!
It was really hot on the boat so we cooled off in the pool. There was a great water slide that Charlie couldn't get enough of.

"More" Charlie said after each turn down the slide...
Down time at the house was when all the fun really happened. It was a free-for-all and Charlie loved it.

Between required reading on Stan the Man,
There was lots of horsing around....

Charlie did not hesitate to jump on the pile with the MMMs and Uncle Todd.

Charlie and Macy shared some quiet time watching videos on the iphone.
These two were best of b…

Makes you wonder sometimes...

What is he thinking??

Happy Birthday Haley!

Happy Birthday Haley! Can't wait to give you a big birthday hug! Love, Charlie

What does a fish say?