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Holiday baking with toddlers

I knew this would be an undertaking, but there is something about the holidays that causes your normal rational thought patterns to shift. Kara and I both love holiday baking and we decided it would be more fun to do it together this year - with Charlie and Haley's help.

Before Haley and Kara arrived, Ryan helped Charlie make some play-dough. Ryan then had to leave the kitchen after witnessing Charlie "stir" the flour. Sometimes its best when Ryan just doesn't see such things.

We had a table set up for Charlie and Haley to use the play-dough and some cookie cutters. It was their own version of baking.

Roxie caught in the act!

There was a lunch break for PB&J sandwiches and orange slices.
Luckily, Karl was on hand to help with the kids - and they both took a two hour nap, so some baking did occur that day. Carmel corn, hot chocolate-on-a-stick, homemade marshmallows, chocolate fudge and some sugar cookies.

I saw an article online for these "Melted Snowman"…

Getting excited for Christmas!


DIY Advent Calendar

We always had an advent calendar in our house growing up. It was a big Christmas tree made of a quilt-like fabric. I believe my Grandmother Lo either made it or had it made and my Reuter cousins had a matching advent calendar growing up. Ours had a special spot on the back of the downstairs hallway closet at the base of the stairs so we could see it first thing every morning. There were little fabric presents at the bottom of the tree with numbers on them and each present contained a small ornament to hang on the tree each day. The three of us kids took turns putting a new ornament on the tree each day (and we almost always counted back in threes from 25 to try to figure out who would get the last ornament - the baby jesus - to put on the tree). I hadn't given much thought to having an advent calendar of my own until we had Charlie. It just seems like a great tradition for kids to enjoy. I saw this book advent calendar online a year ago and saved it away as a future possibility. C…

Thanksgiving 2010

We started Thanksgiving day with a very cold 5k run in the Parkville Turkey Trot. Charlie wasn't the happiest camper that morning - but he got to head home to a warm house with Gram while the rest of us crazies took in the morning chill.

Charlie and his buddy Macy. Charlie was calling his Papa and Grammy to wish them Happy Thanksgiving!
Hanging out with Uncle Todd

Charlie and Mark had a great time playing. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them chasing each other through the house. They played keep-away with a football that involved lots of running and kept them happy for a long time. I think these two are going to be great friends.

We made an attempt to get a group picture of the 4 kids. These photos speak for themselves.

Another Thanksgiving, much to be thankful for. Happy, healthy, precocious kids being at the top of the list!

Football, baseball, any ball will do...

Charlie loves sports. He will watch football, baseball and golf on tv and cheer and yell at the tv. He likes to run with the football around the house, to run like they do on tv. Even better is if Mom and Dad will run, too. I must've heard "Mom, run!" about 50 times yesterday as I chased Charlie around the dining room for no less than 30 minutes.

"Mom, run!"

Genius Bar here they come

Charlie and I stopped by the Apple store the other day and Charlie made himself right at home. First he made a new friend, and then the two of them went to work on this computer.

Architect in training

For a long time all Charlie wanted to do with his blocks was toss them around and knock down anything we tried to build. Lately he likes to build things, too. The higher the better.

He's learning valuable building skills from his Dad.

Roxie looms close by, sometimes contributing to the demolition phase of the project.

But usually that honor goes to Charlie. Just when you least expect it, the tower comes crashing down. Definitely his favorite part.