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The most patient dog in the world

I'm sure that is a love pat coming Roxie's way...Charlie's current pattern with Roxie is a light swat followed by a hug. We're working on the swatting.

In the meantime, Roxie seems to understand that Charlie is a work in progress...

Fall Leaves


Random Petting Zoo

We couldn't resist a petting zoo on the side of the road, especially one with baby animals. Charlie wasn't so sure about this camel at first.

But soon he was climbing the fence to get a closer look and didn't want to leave.

Clearing out the iphone pics

Who knew a folded-up stroller could be so much fun? Charlie figured out how to stand on the back and take a ride down the driveway.

Steering was a bit of a problem... Charlie has been getting his fair share of free balloons lately. Must be that cute face.

Every bike needs a balloon! Man on a horse...

An Elmo Halloween

Have to get the Halloween pics up before Thanksgiving...the days seem to fly by this time of year. We wanted Charlie to be something for Halloween that he recognized, and Elmo turned out to be a good choice. The first time I got out the costume, Charlie said "Melmo!" and gave the furry suit a big hug.

Charlie liked to look in the mirror and see Melmo. Here he is smiling at himself in the mirror at school. Elmo was a big hit at school and Charlie received many hugs that day in his Elmo suit.
I think he looked like a little red Ewok!

We went to cousin Haley's for some trick-or-treating fun. Haley was a very cute Lady Bug.

Ready to hand out candy...

We took the kids to a few houses in the neighborhood. They liked wheeling around in the wagon and watching all the bigger kids walk by in their costumes.

Charlie seemed to get the hang of trick-or-treating and walked up to the last couple houses himself.
The best part of Halloween at this age is that they had no idea what the can…

Who's walking who?

This was definitely a recipe for disaster. Roxie is horrible at walking on a leash.

But no one was seriously hurt and it made for a very entertaining walk around the block.

Caramel Apples!