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Easter Fun

Charlie could only watch his cousins hunt Easter eggs this year, but he took good notes and will be ready to compete next year (note the comparing of eggs by M&M).

Sunday Morning

...relaxing with Dad. For the most part, Charlie hasn't shown much resemblance to either Paige or Ryan. Maybe he is starting to look like his Dad. What do you think?

Yours and Mine

Charlie just laughs at Roxie's attempts to hoard her toys. He knows he's going to get them eventually.

Cousins are the Best

Charlie had a great time hanging out with his Geiger cousins last weekend. Mitch can't wait to show Charlie how to shoot some hoops and Macy thinks he is her very own living doll.

Poor Baby

Being sick is no fun. And a sick baby can just about break your heart. Charlie is feeling better today and is hopefully almost over his cold.