There is a question in the Manies-Geiger ("Maniger") household whether Ryan is only kept around for his painting skills. Here is an action shot of him painting the nursery. The stripes seemed like a good idea...until you actually had to paint each one of them.


  1. Paige, keep an eye on Ryan. I heard he was installing sound proof insalation to turn the nursery into the mother's room. Bad news!

  2. We just got a link to your blog. John can totally relate to the "painting of stripes" on a nursery wall, we did the same thing when Luke was born.

  3. Not at all related to this post at all. However, I was reading an article about being "green" and read this about diapers and thought about you!

    "According to Mothering Magazine, some of the best brands are Under the Nile, FuzBaby, Oskri, LizsCloth, Cloud9Softies and PeacefulMoon."

    Hope you are ok!


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