Christmas - finally!

The Holidays (and crazy amounts of snow) got away from me. Still catching up on work, life, pictures, and the blog. Our camera died in December and we got a new one on Christmas Eve. By the time it was charged and up and running, this was the only Christmas Eve pic we have - our relaxing evening by the fire after a harrowing drive in the snow from Tonganoxie to KC and putting Charlie to bed. Christmas morning with Charlie was special. Although he didn't really know what was going on and liked the wrapping paper and boxes about as much as his new presents. Roxie sat nearby hoping there might be a bone in one of Charlie's presents.
Charlie got a hammer for Christmas- soon he'll be helping Dad around the house.
Despite how active and busy Charlie is, our Christmas tree made it intact through the holiday. He had some favorite ornaments down low that he liked to pull off but no major accidents or topplings made the tree a success.
After opening presents at home (and Ryan shoveling out the driveway) we headed to Aunt Susie's for a Christmas brunch. Charlie was the only little one there and got lots of attention. Cousin Adam and his fiance Leslie were here from Philadelphia.
Dad and Aunt Susie relaxing by the fire...
Charlie enjoyed trying to take down any and all Christmas decorations within reach. He also enjoyed the Christmas brunch and ate eggs, sausage, coffee cake and grapefruit. He seems to like eating just about everything these days. Charlie and Gram
being tickled by Dad...
Later that afternoon, we headed south to the Manies' for Christmas dinner. Charlie and cousin Haley got fun new (big) chairs!
And, possibly Charlie's favorite Christmas gift, a new wagon. He will climb in and wait expectantly for you to pull him around the house. He could do it all day. Trust me.
Charlie and Papa Manies playing with some new toys.

Charlie had a great first Christmas, complete with lots of snow. Pictures of Charlie experiencing the snow for the first time are up next...


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