Charlie's First Birthday Party

12 months went by so fast... We had fun planning Charlie's first party.
The new table and chairs Charlie got for his birthday were perfect for our little guests. There is still an ongoing debate in the house as to where this cute set is going to end up permanently. If the party had a theme, it was monkeys. Charlie has collected quite a few of them and he is a bit of a monkey himself.
Charlie's favorite book "Eight silly monkeys" was the inspiration behind his birthday cake. This well-loved little monkey (below left) was Ryan's as a child.
I just love how this cake turned out! It was made by a co-worker, I am unfortunately not the creative type so I left this to a professional.
"Eight silly monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."
Charlie was still a bit under the weather for his party, but he made it through and did great. He was a little subdued, but then again, he is pretty serious most of the time. Charlie, Ryan, Great-Aunt Sharry and Great-Uncle Bill.
Great-Aunt Sharry, Aunt Kara and cousin Haley. Haley came ready in her monkey bib!
Charlie's Geiger cousins all came to his party dressed in their KU gear. They liked his wagon!
Charlie, Ryan and Aunt-Ju-Ju under the birthday banner. Charlie was asleep when we put up this banner and he noticed it immediately and pointed up at it. He doesn't miss much.
Lisa Kiene and Keri Kish were at the party - it wouldn't be a party without these hip ladies!
The proud parents...
Charlie loves to climb and play on the stairs these days. Mitch was happy to join in.
Somehow Julie managed to get all three guys looking (almost) at the camera. Nice work Julie!
Grammy Manies (Sharon) and Great-Aunt Cyndi
Another post to come featuring Charlie and the cake!


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