At the Park

There is a park close to our house that has the perfect pint-sized playground for Charlie. He can climb to the top and go down the slide all by himself. He did this yesterday over and over and over. Even the other parents of busy toddlers noticed and said "he must wear you out!" Uh, yeah. You could say that.
Roxie was with us and he was very concerned about her sitting across the park on her leash. Other kids would go say hi to her and he would watch, pat his leg in the sign for "dog" (he was making the sign in the pictures above and below) and crawl over to her. He also found several sticks on the ground and took them over for her to chew on. He was taking care of his buddy. Charlie picked up a million of these sweet gum balls and handed them to me. Although I don't think he believed me when I said it was a ball because he tried to bounce one on the ground, unsuccessfully. Spring is going to be fun!


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