Charlie's California Adventure

Staying in a hotel close to the Anaheim convention center turned out to be a challenge with a little one. With weather too cool for swimming and a baby too little for Disney, Gram had to be creative every day. Lucky for us we had this floor to ceiling window in our hotel room that Charlie loved to look out at the cars and people on the busy street below.

The curtains also made for great games of peek-a-boo!
Without a patch of green grass or a playground in sight, Charlie made the best of his surroundings and found things to play on, like these statues in the outdoor mall nearby.

Fountains were a big hit and Charlie is pointing at the water, wishing he could dive in...
Charlie didn't get to see Mickey himself, but there were some other characters around to watch
Charlie watched the shrimp from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. with curiosity...
Charlie was a great travel companion. He slept like a rock in the hotel room pack-n-play through the night and took good naps during the day. He managed in resturaunts without high chairs and was patient on long walks in the stroller. He slept on the plane and put up with a frustratingly long shuttle ride from the airport to the hotel on our first day. He actually became a bit more social on the trip and started waving at strangers in elevators and the hotel lobby. He and Gram made the best of the small hotel room and played with the hair dryer, bottles of lotion and phone books (along with a few new toys from the Disney store - like the Mickey doll).
Thanks for traveling with me for work, Charlie and Gram - I hope we can do it again. Charlie watching the planes take off and land in LAX. He was ready to come home in the end, he missed his Daddy and Roxie.


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