Charlie was fascinated watching Ryan and I use chopsticks the other day, so we let him have at it. He thought they made good drum sticks

and they entertained him for a long time (much like straws do, but these are less destructable).

Charlie watched Ryan (to Charlie's right out of view) as he showed him how to use the chopsticks

Charlie studied his own chopsticks...

And I was amazed (always!) that by watching Ryan, Charlie figured out that he needed to get them both in one hand. Ta da!

Seriously brilliant this time, right? I'm going to sign him up for space camp this very minute. Getting food to his mouth is still a chore with a fork and spoon so it will be awhile before these are useful. But they sure are fun in the meantime!


  1. I sure see Roxy picking a lot of food up off the floor in all these pics! :)

  2. I know - she is in the background in almost every picture! She is all the vacuum we need!


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