Monte Kap (Kite)!

Monte Kap is the Creole word for kite and literally means "able to be lifted up." We went to Theis Park last Saturday to help fly some kites and raise money for the children in Haiti through Village Church. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and although there wasn't much wind, about 40 kites hit the air, each one representing $1000 raised for children in Haiti.
Charlie enjoyed playing with the kite string and although he didn't quite get his kite up in the air, he managed to crawl and pull it behind him in the grass.
If only there had been a little more wind...
Ryan showing him how it works.

There were lots of other kids and kites to watch, as well as several dogs...always a Charlie favorite.

Kids in Haiti fly kites every year on Easter as a symbol of hope. I can't imagine what those children have been through this past year. I'm thankful every night when I can tuck my baby into his soft, safe crib for a quiet sleep. We are so blessed and someday I hope Charlie understands that, too.


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