One leaf at a time

Charlie has a very good eye. He notices everything. In the house, he will find the tiniest piece of lint on the floor and hand it to me (Thank you, Charlie). Outside, he picks up every acorn and pebble he finds along the sidewalk. These always go straight in his mouth.

He has figured out that if he turns his back to me (or if I have my camera out!) I am less likely to stop him before he puts some new find in his mouth.
But Charlie surprised me the other day and did something different. While sitting on the sidewalk, he spotted some very small green leaves that had fallen from the hedges in front of our house.

He picked up the tiny leaves one at a time and placed them back in the bush.

Perhaps I am at that stage where all parents think their children are geniuses. Because I thought this was very clever. He didn't pick up the pieces of acorn shells or bits of sticks around him and place them in the bush too, just the few green leaves he found close by. He knew that was where they came from and he was putting them back. Genius, right??


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