California Dreamin!

Paige, Charlie and Gram are in Anaheim, California this week. Besides being home to Disney World, the real purpose of the trip is a work conference Paige is attending. In lieu of staying home and “baching” it with Dad, Charlie decided to take to the friendly skies and see what California has to offer. Don’t let that worried face fool you. He is merely concerned about the safety protocols and general condition of the plane. It was reported he did great on the three hour flight. From the pictures that have been filtering in, it appears Charlie is relaxing, taking in the California sun, and having fun....

Well, at least most of the time.

I'll have to be honest though, it's pictures like this that start to worry me. I am afraid there needs to be a little more "male influence" on this trip. There may be a little too much, lounging around with the girls.


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