Walking the Walk

Most every morning, Ryan takes Charlie to school. I am usually upstairs in our bedroom getting dressed when they head towards the car. I like to peek out the bedroom window and watch Ryan carry Charlie out to the car. I check to make sure Ryan remembered Charlie's hat and coat, but really I just like watching this little moment between father and son. Ryan will talk to Charlie, point out something interesting in the yard and let Charlie punch at the buttons on the garage door key pad. This morning I heard the back door open and close and I looked out the window to watch them go. Ryan wasn't carrying my little boy but holding his hand and letting him walk beside him. They stopped at the end of the porch and Charlie sat down and slid down the big step then stood up and re-grasped Ryan's hand. He toddled slowly and not too steadily towards the garage door, with Ryan encouraging him along the way. Soon he'll be running ahead and not waiting for Ryan's hand. He's growing so big and so fast and, although I'm not ready for it, I'm excited all the same.


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