Ryan's Dream

Charlie is one step closer to taking over the lawn duties...Ryan is counting the days (years)! Charlie loves his mower - thanks Aunt Kara and Uncle Karl!

This picture is surprising in several ways. For one, Charlie is actually looking at the camera. And two, he is waving. He waves at everyone these days. He waves good night to me from his crib when I put him to bed. I caught him the other day standing in our backyard waving at the boys playing across the street from our house. I don't think they even saw Charlie, let alone notice his wave. Wave on, Charlie, wave on.


  1. plenty of Grass to mow at my house Charlie! And I will wave to you from my patio!

  2. Go Charlie Go! Karl will accept help with our monster yard, if you're willing to hire him out. We pay in milk and cookies.


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