Charlie and Ryan at the Zoo

While Paige was busy at work one weekend in May trying to finish up a grant, Charlie and I decided to head out to the zoo. The llama's seemed as good as place as any to start. But Charlie soon saw something else and off we went....

The parrots were colorful, but not active enough for Charlie...

who wanted to try out his own animal skills by scaling a plastic log.

Now these guys were more like it. The muskrats (or are they meerkats) seemed to share a lot of characteristics with Charlie; chiefly insatiable curiosity.

Since Mom wasn't around to police our activities, I decided to drop him over the edge of the bear cage so he could explore the natural habitat.

Nothing like a little monkey business....

Of course no trip is complete unless we can find a jungle gym.

Worn out and taking a breather under a shade tree.

Then off to see the big cats.

And then some hands on fun with the sheep.

By the end of the day everyone was pooped.

And ready for a nap.


  1. Bwah ha ha!!! "Since Mom wasn't around to police our activities.." I have a feeling that might be something that crops up around here too!


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