Kansas 70.3

We took Charlie to the Kansas half-ironman last weekend in Lawrence. We're hoping to inspire him to be a future triathlete. Charlie was a bit grumpy in the heat and with nothing much around for little ones to do. Kevin was a great sport and put up with more crying than any single guy should ever be exposed to. Sorry Tut.

Charlie met some interesting characters at the finish line, like Glenda, the good witch

and the cowardly Lion. This lion had Charlie pretty freaked out.

Charlie cried so hard as we were leaving that the athletes (the ones completing a grueling 8+ hour event!) were distracted enough from their pain to look our way and wonder why some poor child was being tortured. It was a LONG walk to the car. Charlie rallied for a burger at Dempsey's, but by the time we got home, Ryan and I felt like we'd run the race ourselves. It just wasn't our day.


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