Mark's 3rd Birthday!

We helped Mark celebrate his 3rd birthday a couple weeks ago. Always a good time with the Geiger cousins! Charlie was very interested in Ho-Ho the cat and Ryan tried to get Charlie to very gently pat the cat.

Lucky for Charlie, this cat has been pulled and poked a few times in his day...

Lots of toys to play with at Mark's house!
The birthday boy was in constant motion.

Ryan and the birthday boy share a rare quiet moment.

Everyone gathered to watch Mark open presents. (Note the streamers on the wall in the background - Macy did an awesome job decorating!)

Charlie got a present for Mark's birthday (a Dickson grandparent tradition to give one gift to the non-birthday kids). A laughing dog that Charlie found very amusing.

It wouldn't be a party without a little wrestling! The birthday boy held his own.

And the big birthday gift....Mark's very own John Deer jeep! (Note to Gram: when the time comes, we do not have room for one of these). Mark's face says it all!

The jeep is almost as big as the mini...

Charlie wasn't so sure he wanted to go for a ride. In the meantime, Mitch and Mark jumped out of the jeep to catch a baby frog.

Charlie preferred exploring the countryside with Grandaddy. If only he had this much room to roam at our house!

Happy Birthday Mark!! Thanks Susan for a great party!!


  1. There is always room at your place for one of those. The Mini doesn't need to park in the garage, make room for Charlie's car!!!

  2. It can stay at Aunt Ju-Ju's house!


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