A Real Hug

Charlie gave me a real hug yesterday. It was a regular morning. Charlie was leaving for school with Ryan and I picked him up to give him a hug and a kiss before he left, like I do every day. Except this wasn't regular at all. Un prompted, Charlie reached his little arms (both arms!) around my neck, leaned in and put his head on my shoulder (for a full couple seconds!) and gave me a legit hug. Ryan saw it, I have a witness! I was so surprised and thrilled. And although I know he doesn't really know how much that meant to me, I like to think that he does. My little guy has become more affectionate and sweet these days. I used to worry when he was smaller that he wasn't cuddly, but he just wasn't there yet. Now he gives me unprompted kisses all the time, hugs Roxie whenever she will stand still long enough to let him, and obliges family and friends with slobbery kisses when asked. It seems like I learn something new about his personality every day. We're having so much fun! Work has been too busy this past month and I'm backed up on blog posts and pictures. Hoping to get to them very soon. I'm just really missing Charlie today, if you couldn't tell.


  1. can't wait to get my hug and kiss from Charlie!


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