Another First...

I had been putting off the first haircut for awhile. I felt like getting Charlie his first haircut would push us forward from baby to little boy and I just didn't want to go there yet. Charlie has never had much hair and it wasn't much of an issue. When he was first born he had some really dark hair that was encouraging...

Then it started to disappear
Until he was as round and bald as a cue ball!

When Charlie's hair started to grow back, he had an interesting new look - a baby mohawk.

It made him look pretty tough.

Then began the comb-over.

And the comb-over is what we had until the first hair cut last week. A comb-over and a longish curl in the back that was beginning to look like a mullet. I guess it was time.

Charlie was serious, as always, and maybe a bit nervous.

Sitting on my lap seemed to make everything ok. Plus getting naked in public is always a good time.

Charlie sat pretty still and never fussed.

Corby, Ryan's long-standing personal beautician, was a pro. She has done this a few times - she was quick and kept Charlie entertained. Thanks Corby!

Time to go!


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