Bicycle for two

We have a bicycle for two! No, not for Ryan and me (that would never work!) For Charlie and me. It's been in the works for awhile - actually, the bike seat was a Father's Day present from Charlie to Ryan which very mysteriously disappeared. Not all of it, just some of the major parts. No one knows what happened to the mysterious pieces and no one is taking the blame. So after several weeks of looking for said missing bike seat pieces, we did the only thing we could do, buy an entire new bike seat with all the necessary parts. Charlie got one seat for the price of two. While in between bike seats #1 and #2, we got Charlie accustomed to his new bike helmet. (Sidebar: why does every kid item at Target have to have a cartoon/movie/tv theme? For the moment, Thomas the Train is lost on Charlie).

Charlie especially likes his helmet if Mom wears hers, too.

Once seat #2 was on hand, Ryan set out to add it to my cruiser. Charlie was very excited about the bicycle in the living room.

Charlie really wanted to help Dad work on the bike (and all good bike mechanics should go pantsless). Charlie kept going over to Ryan and giving him hugs for encouragement.

Can I help?

Charlie liked playing with Dad's tools and tried to help by handing him each tool, one by one.

We're ready! Time to go!!
The bicycle was a little overwhelming at first, what with all the anticipation. Charlie cried when we put him in the seat but we persevered, and the moment Ryan started pedaling, Charlie was hooked. We love taking the bike everywhere these days. Happy pedaling!


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