Old friends are the best

Old friends, as in the kind you've known for most of your life. There is nothing better. Ah, the stories we could (and do!) tell. I have two close friends that live far away and even though I don't see them but once or twice a year (if I'm lucky), its as if we talked only yesterday. These two friends have wonderful spouses that I consider close friends as well, and I think that aspect has only made our friendships better over the years. Bringing kids into the picture certainly adds a new dimension to things. Conversations are a bit more stop and go and often interrupted by busy and noisy little ones. But getting to know the children of your closest friends lets you see them in a new way.

Double M and I go way back.

Charlie got to hang with the Mits last summer in Toledo. He can hold his own a bit more now and we caught up with Double M and E recently in LV.

Ah, I know where she gets that look! But those curls...?? No idea!
Todd had everything under control, as usual.
Unfortunately, Dan and Susan missed each other on this trip through town by only a couple days. A is the eldest child in the group and I've known her since she was this little (on a visit to the San Diego Zoo, circa 2004/5?).

Fortunately, Dan and Jenn make frequent trips to Kansas (lately as they traverse cross country) and its been fun to get to know M, too!
On this visit, Charlie had a great time playing in the park with A and M.

Next time we need to get everyone together at the same time.


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