Charlie on the Job

Charlie was on the job in Leavenworth with Grandaddy last weekend. He wasn't so sure what to think of this big truck at first...

Pretty soon he was turning the steering wheel and honking the horn, probably causing some concern for those working on the site! But Grandaddy had it under control.
This wasn't just any job site. This was the new athletic facilities complex at Leavenworth high school. We are very excited about this project as it is a really big addition to the high school and will be one of the best in the state by the time its finished. Saying my Dad is excited about this is an understatement.

This particular Saturday morning was a pretty good sized job...

and Charlie was right there in the middle of it all.

He is very into trucks these days, and although he can't say "truck" he makes this grunting/revving noise whenever he sees one. We have a book on trucks at home and every night as we sit down to read, Charlie starts grunting and making the revving noise to let us know he wants that book first.

Charlie also loves wheels and points them out on bikes, cars, his own push cars, etc. This one was bigger than him!

Gram was along to make sure Charlie didn't get too close to the action.

Charlie and Gram watching the concrete pump high above them...

Looks like Charlie did a good job supervising!

When I came to pick Charlie up that day we made a trip back to the school so I could see the progress. Here are two graduates of LHS, class of 63 and class of 91, checking out the new football field.

Charlie was testing the turf with his running skills...

Pretty impressive facility! We look forward to seeing it in action for the first time on September 10.

Go Pioneers!


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