Summer Fun at the Lake

The view from the deck of our lake house could not have been better. Charlie spent lots of time out there watching the boats go by. "Boat" was his favorite word for the weekend.

We spent some time on a boat ourselves and Charlie was a trooper in his neck brace/straight jacket that poses as an infant life vest.

Charlie liked watching the MMMs in the innertube and watching other boats go by.

He also liked helping Grandaddy drive the boat!

It was really hot on the boat so we cooled off in the pool. There was a great water slide that Charlie couldn't get enough of.

"More" Charlie said after each turn down the slide...

Down time at the house was when all the fun really happened. It was a free-for-all and Charlie loved it.

Between required reading on Stan the Man,

There was lots of horsing around....

Charlie did not hesitate to jump on the pile with the MMMs and Uncle Todd.

Charlie and Macy shared some quiet time watching videos on the iphone.
These two were best of buddies by the time we left.

We discovered that Charlie liked corn on the cob - who knew?

Gram and Mark at dinner the last night...

Mitch was Charlie's car buddy and kept him entertained. We might have to see if he's available by the hour.

Can't wait til next summer!


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