Visit to the Vet

Roxie gets allergies this time of the year and starts scratching like there's no tomorrow. The vet prescribes steroids and she's as good as new in a couple days. Roxie sometimes gets nervous going to the vet, I think because she expects a shot. I thought taking Charlie along might help. Charlie was nervous himself at first, perhaps not sure who might get the shot - him or Roxie. Once he figured out this visit was about Roxie, he became nervous for her. He whined and wimpered a bit while the vet was checking her out. Then he decided she needed a hug.

I think she felt much better, Charlie. Turns out the vet's office is ideal for a toddler - nothing on the floor, on the counters, or on the walls that he can get into. Just open space and lots of dogs and cats to check out. Charlie decided he was in charge of Roxie and started leading her around the office on the leash.

Once again Roxie, you are the best of sports.


  1. Good story. Funny how dogs and kids just know how to bond. Charlie is good at those hugs!


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