Catching up with Charlie

September was crazy busy and this blog, among other things, was neglected. Time to catch up!

Charlie is always on the move. He loves to practice walking up and down stairs and he likes to try to do it without holding on to anything. We found a good set of practice steps at the park, they were wide and short - perfect for little (strong!) legs.

Charlie has discovered our neighbor's basketball goal and it is the first place he wants to go outside.
Gotta give him credit for trying...

We love to go to the Brookside farmer's market on Saturday mornings. They almost always have a musician/band/singer and Charlie thinks it is just like music class at his school.

On this particular day, he had his own personal minstrel. This guy got down on one knee and played Charlie a string of nursery was great.

Charlie tried tapping his foot like the musician...good times!


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