Fall Garden

We discovered the Kansas City Community Garden recently. They had a special kids day full of fun activities and we went to check it out. It was a beautiful garden right in the heart of our city.

Giant gords hung under the entranceway.

"Please smile for mom in just one picture..."


Trying my hand at some nature photos...I'm so jealous of people with a photographic eye, wish I had one.

There were butterflies, bugs and spiders in jars and cages...

These ladies were spinning wool. Charlie liked seeing the wheel go round and round. And the wool felt rough to the touch.

These were actual peanuts growing on these vines. We got to taste fresh peanut butter made from these very peanuts.

There were several activities Charlie wasn't old enough for - like painting gords. Next time.

Of course, where there's water you will find Charlie. Please don't jump in the lily pond, Charlie.

This gord house was pretty cool, giant gords hanging from the ceiling and the sides. The community garden was a great place to visit and we'll definitely be back.

Time for a nap!


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