Spending some time in Leavenworth

While Ryan and I were in the mountains, Charlie got to spend some time with Gram and Grandaddy in Leavenworth.

Despite this picture of Charlie standing quietly, I'm pretty sure he never stopped moving during his visit and completely wore Gram out!

There were tricycles to learn to ride (No doubt Charlie has his hand up to his ear asking Grandaddy for the phone he was using to take this picture).

And big trucks to check out! Charlie looks so small...

Strapped in and ready to drive the ready-mix truck. Charlie was turning the wheel like a pro.

Grandaddy and Charlie drove around the yard, scooping things up as they went. I'm pretty sure Charlie was in heaven.

There's bound to be some spoiling that goes on at the grandparents' house...I'm pretty sure Charlie made out just fine while we were gone!


  1. The grandkids never get spoiled at Gram's house!


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