DIY Advent Calendar

We always had an advent calendar in our house growing up. It was a big Christmas tree made of a quilt-like fabric. I believe my Grandmother Lo either made it or had it made and my Reuter cousins had a matching advent calendar growing up. Ours had a special spot on the back of the downstairs hallway closet at the base of the stairs so we could see it first thing every morning. There were little fabric presents at the bottom of the tree with numbers on them and each present contained a small ornament to hang on the tree each day. The three of us kids took turns putting a new ornament on the tree each day (and we almost always counted back in threes from 25 to try to figure out who would get the last ornament - the baby jesus - to put on the tree). I hadn't given much thought to having an advent calendar of my own until we had Charlie. It just seems like a great tradition for kids to enjoy. I saw this book advent calendar online a year ago and saved it away as a future possibility. Charlie is so into books these days that I thought he might really like it. The idea is to wrap a collection of holiday books and open one each day throughout December. We don't have that many holiday books so I just wrapped some of Charlie's favorite books and the few holiday ones we do have.

We've been opening one book a day, usually at night just before Charlie goes up to bed. I think he likes the process because he will now point to the mantel and say "book" each evening.

Charlie needed help unwrapping the books initially, now he is a pro.

Hello Roxie!

Sorry Rox, it's only a book. No food involved.

That did it. She lost interest.

We may go with a more traditional advent calendar in the future if I find one that is really appealing. But the book calendar has been a fun way to mark the days and also continue to encourage Charlie's reading. I'm already looking forward to having a bigger collection of holiday books next year to wrap and unwrap throughout December.


  1. Glad you put that in here, I think that is a great idea! You can even start wrapping a little earlier this year so you don't have to wrap 25 a once! LOL
    But, I see you failed to mention the heavy competition that our advent Calendar held back on Arch street. If someone opened one on someone else's day and yes who got to do christmas Eve and Christmas Day! But once you guys were gone I got it all to myself.... wasn't quite as fun! Good memories, and you are creating your own.

  2. This is such a great idea, Paige. I might borrow it next year! The advent box at our house is good for candy and competition but we're somehow missing the meaning on Mulberry Dr!

  3. Susan - I loved the pepperonis in your advent box, so funny!

    Julie - always a competition in our house, even Advent!


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