Holiday baking with toddlers

I knew this would be an undertaking, but there is something about the holidays that causes your normal rational thought patterns to shift. Kara and I both love holiday baking and we decided it would be more fun to do it together this year - with Charlie and Haley's help.

Before Haley and Kara arrived, Ryan helped Charlie make some play-dough. Ryan then had to leave the kitchen after witnessing Charlie "stir" the flour. Sometimes its best when Ryan just doesn't see such things.

We had a table set up for Charlie and Haley to use the play-dough and some cookie cutters. It was their own version of baking.

Roxie caught in the act!

There was a lunch break for PB&J sandwiches and orange slices.

Luckily, Karl was on hand to help with the kids - and they both took a two hour nap, so some baking did occur that day. Carmel corn, hot chocolate-on-a-stick, homemade marshmallows, chocolate fudge and some sugar cookies.

I saw an article online for these "Melted Snowman" sugar cookies. Ours didn't turn out quite like the photos (do they ever??). In my family, I may be known for my baking, but not for my decorating skills. Charlie and Haley need to get old enough to help in this department - then the cookies can look terrible and no one minds.

I'm not sure how much Roxie enjoyed our day of baking. She didn't get to sample any sweets and then we made her wear her antlers. Don't worry Rox - you've been pretty good this year and your stocking will be full!


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