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Babies and Valentines

Our Valentine's weekend included hanging out with baby Haley, Charlie's cousin. It was the first time we watched Haley on our own and she made it super easy. Charlie was a bit worried at first and when I was sitting on the floor holding Haley, he handed me a book and squeezed in for some lap time. There wasn't room for Roxie on my lap, but she stuck close by, too. Charlie didn't sit still long and he enjoyed showing Haley all his toys. She will be tugging on his heels soon!

Let him eat cake!

Charlie had his own monkey cake on his birthday.He was prepared to dive in - only his party hat and his KU socks.
We started singing Happy Birthday. Charlie why are you covering your ears??
Will you like chocolate cake??
Charlie's first move was for the monkey's head...

He squished the icing in his hands
Charlie had a taste and made a face
This cake doesn't taste like broccoli or peas...

Charlie cleaned up and was ready to enjoy the rest of the party
I hated to cut the cake, but someone had to do it.
Uncle Todd and Aunt Susan with cousin Mark. I think Mark was interested in eating his monkey.
Macy made a puppet out of her monkey
Say cheese Mitch!
The three M's having cake
Hope you had a Happy Birthday little guy! Can't wait for year two!!

Charlie's First Birthday Party

12 months went by so fast... We had fun planning Charlie's first party.
The new table and chairs Charlie got for his birthday were perfect for our little guests. There is still an ongoing debate in the house as to where this cute set is going to end up permanently. If the party had a theme, it was monkeys. Charlie has collected quite a few of them and he is a bit of a monkey himself.
Charlie's favorite book "Eight silly monkeys" was the inspiration behind his birthday cake. This well-loved little monkey (below left) was Ryan's as a child.
I just love how this cake turned out! It was made by a co-worker, I am unfortunately not the creative type so I left this to a professional.
"Eight silly monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."
Charlie was still a bit under the weather for his party, but he made it through and did great. He was a little subdued, but then again, he is pretty serious most of the time. Charlie, Ryan, Great-Aunt Shar…

Birthday Party at Charlie's School

It's a party!! I took party hats to Charlie's school today and, surprisingly, the kids all wore them. It was pretty darn cute to see them all eating lunch together with their hats on.
All in all, I think Charlie had a pretty good day hanging out with his Berkley friends on his very first birthday.
They were eating mashed potatoes today. If you loaded the spoon, Charlie did a decent job of getting it to his mouth.
Still can't believe you are one, little guy!
Charlie, Ethan and Liviella. Ethan turned one in January and Livi will be one next week. Seems like just yesterday all three of them were figuring out how to crawl. Time flies when you're having fun!