Chef Charlie

Charlie likes to help out in the kitchen and he enjoys the play kitchen in his class room at school. So we thought we'd get him a play kitchen he (and his little sister) can use now and hopefully for many years to come. So far its been a big hit!

Ryan is hiding behind the kitchen playing words with friends on his iphone. Ok, he earned it. He put this monster of small pieces together the day before.

Charlie first tried to put his pots in the laundry machine. After I explained it was like the laundry machine Mom used downstairs for dirty clothes, he promptly left the room and returned with some of Ryan's socks - from the dirty clothes bin no less - and placed them in the laundry.

Charlie's kitchen was a Christmas gift from Gram and Grandaddy Geiger and came stocked with an awesome set of wooden pots and pans and various food items. Its fun to watch Charlie learn what all the different food items are. For the moment cooking eggs is the most fun and he now knows what a hot dog is, for better or worse.

He thinks the chicken leg (shown above in orange and white) is a baseball bat and likes to take mini swings with it. Just goes to show you, you can take the kid out of the ball field but...

This kitchen was a huge undertaking to put together and took Ryan an entire Saturday. The assortment of screws and bolts came in a sealed package that was about the size of a lunch tray. I had to laugh at the one detail that was missed (shown above and in the picture below)...

It was quickly fixed. Nice work Dad!

Charlie's kitchen comes complete with a chalk message board and a phone. He picks up the phone and says "hello!" really loudly. He doesn't usually talk for long, there are meals to be prepared. So far this is the first activity Charlie can completely entertain himself with for a really long time. We hope it lasts!


  1. Wow! That is quite a kitchen. Good job Ryan! You did a great job putting it together. I am sure Charlie appreciates it all. Great pics and narrative Paige.


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