Geigers in LaJolla

La Jolla holds a special place in the Geiger family. My Geiger grandparents lived there for about 20 years and all of us grandkids made trips to visit every summer. My first solo plane trip was to visit them and it was such a treat to be an only child for the week with special activities planned for each of our visits. It was the first place I saw the ocean and probably why California beaches will always be my favorite. A visit to La Jolla became the first visit to the beach for a new generation of Geiger grandchildren this year.

I remember learning to boogie board with Grandma Lo, watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off with Grandaddy Geiger when he was pretty sick from his treatment for lung cancer, going to the yum-yum with him for donuts, and going to Disney Land with Uncle Adam. I remember fresh squeezed orange juice, Grandma's garden in the mornings, sitting in the hot tub under the stars, and the salty air of the ocean in June.

We visited enough to make friends with the neighbor kids, to know the best places to ride bikes, find a running trail or the best beaches for people watching. We went back as adults with family, with friends. Todd lived in Grandma Lo's "tree house" apartment for several years while working in his first job after college. He and Susan were engaged to be married in La Jolla. Grandaddy Geiger and Uncle Adam both died there, in their home away from home that was California, they were always Kansans at heart.

So many memories. What type of memories will these little guys make? Hopefully great ones of carefree days on the beach and in the sun with grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and cousins - the people that truly matter in life.

They are certainly off to a great start!

The Geiger cousins headed home the day before us and it was quiet in the house after that, especially for Charlie. It was Valentine's Day and Ryan made dinner for all of us. Charlie helped!

We made sure to catch the last sunset on the beach before we headed home the next day. Dad never misses a sunset over the ocean.

Examining foot prints in the sand...
As Charlie said, "Bye Bye Sun!" and bye bye to La Jolla, until next year!


  1. Thank you- I enjoyed that. you really captured that, the memories we have in La Jolla.


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